Phase 6E

Phase 6E houses single men.  

There are private/shared apartments (3 people in the apt.) and there are private/private apartments (2 people in the apt.).  

A private bedroom is $3,160 and a shared bedroom is $2,695 per semester. 

All apartments come furnished with a dishwasher and a washing machine/dryer. 

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Floor Plan - Phase 6E first floor
ApartmentRoomPrivate or Shared
101 101A Shared
101B Private
102 102A Private
102B Private
103 103A Private
103B Private
104 104A Shared
104B Private
105 105A Private
105B Shared
106 106A Shared
106B Private
107 107A Private
107B Shared
108 108A Private
108B Private
109 109A Private
109B Private
110 110A Private
110B Shared


Floor Plan - Phase 6E Second Floor
ApartmentRoomPrivate or Shared
201 201A Shared
201B Private
202 202A Private
202B Private
203 203A Private
203B Private
204 204A Shared
204B Private
205 205A Private
205B Shared
206 206A Shared
206B Private
207 207A Private
207B Shared
208 208A Private
208B Private
209 209A Private
209B Private
210 210A Private
210B Shared


Floor Plan - Phase 6E Third floor
ApartmentRoomPrivate or Shared
301 301A Shared
301B Private
302 302A Private
302B Private
303 303A Private
303B Private
304 304A Shared
304B Private
305 305A Private
305B Shared
306 306A Shared
306B Private
307 307A Private
307B Shared
308 308A Private
308B Private
309 309A Private
309B Private
310 310A Private
310B Shared
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