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In addition to helpful tips about scholarships, grants and other financial aid, Parent View features stories about families who found OC to be the perfect combination of value and affordability. View the stories in the full magazine above, or click the links below to read each story individually.

Wheelers say 'yes' to Oklahoma Christian

Carl and Heather Wheeler got engaged at an on-campus musical. Heather said “yes” and the rest is OC history still in the making. All three of their children have excelled at Oklahoma Christian.

Hinds' family part of OC's northwest pipeline

If every first-time college parent could sit at the feet of Paul and Julie Hinds of Portland, Oregon, they’d get a calming perspective in the midst of the frantic season of applications, scholarships amounts, interest rates, deadlines, campus visits and separation anxiety. With six daughters, they’ve been there, done that.

Single mom 'Skye' high on OC

Cree Hammond was a single mom. Her daughter, Skye, wasn’t even thinking about Oklahoma Christian as a potential college choice. Then Skye visited OC’s campus. A cost-benefit analysis convinced Cree that this was the place for her daughter.

Texas family's faith rewarded

Beverly and Keith Floyd don’t make the kind of money that makes having three college students easy. But OC made it possible for Lindsey, Kalee and Tyler to attend at the same time.

Hobbes family on a mission

Mission work and evangelism have taken the Hobbes family all over the world. But now, when they spread the word about the Christian life, they also talk about the impact OC has made on their family.

Two generations get OC diploma on same day

Occasionally, more than one child will graduate from OC together. Even more rare is what happened to the Brotherton family. Sisters Amanda and Jenny were joined by their mother, Elesa, as all three graduated with honors on the same day. 

Panter family values OC scholarships, community

The Panter family shares a strong consensus on the need for a strong, Christian collegiate experience. That consensus led Caleb, Luke and Andrew to Oklahoma Christian University.

Academics, faith and making a difference

“If you are looking to change the world, OC is a great place to start.” When you hear that from a student, you know it was a genuine assessment that came from the heart.

An empty nest for the Swans

All three sisters from the Swan family made the short three-hour trip from Vernon, Texas, to attend Oklahoma Christian. Their parents say it’s been well worth it.

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