Interviewing 101

The 3 R's of Interviewing.

There are three basic steps to prepare you for an upcoming interview.

  • Research: Gather information about the position, organization and the field through print and on-line resources and informational interviews. Read information from web sites, job descriptions, annual reports, trade journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.  
  • Review & Relate: Review your experiences and skills, and draw connections between your background and the position's responsibilities and qualifications. Identify specific examples that highlight your relevant skills.
  • Rehearse: Anticipate the kinds of questions you may be asked, try your responses out with a friend, or schedule a practice interview at Career Services. Craft your own list of questions about the position and organization to ask the interviewer. The goal is not to memorize answers (which would sound rehearsed), but to gain confidence in discussing your strengths and experience in an interview situation.

Knowing What to Expect in an Interview

Preparing for the Interview Quesitons