Write a Cover Letter

The purpose of a cover letter is to clearly explain to employers how the qualifications set forth in your resume make you an appropriate choice for the position available.

Before you begin:

  • List the most important qualifications stated in the job listing.
  • Look over your resume and high-ligh experiences that meet these criteria.
  • Research the company/organization and have an understanding of their mission and what they do.


  • Each letter your write should be unique and targeted to a specific employer and position.
  • Do not repeat your resume in your cover letter.  The cover letter is a place for you to expand on and high-ligh the great experiences you have had that are relevant to the job.  Listing one or two should be enough.
  • Take your time with your cover letter!  Have at least two people proof-read the document before you send it in.

Cover Letter Outline

Cover Letter Rubric

Cover Letter Example 1

Cover Letter Example 2