Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should my son or daughter start visiting Career Services?

A. We recommend that students visit Career Services early on in their college education. Each decision about your student's career plan is important and we are here to prepare them with knowledge so that they can make wise career choices.

Q. What direction can you give my student when choosing a major?

A. Career Services has an assessment software program called Discover. The concept is simple. Discover offers guidance and information to help students make their important career and educational decisions. They take the career inventories (there are no right or wrong answers), explore the career areas that Discover suggests, then are able to read about the training required for that career.

Q. What should my student do throughout the undergraduate years to prepare for her/his future?

A. Each student will have a different timeline in preparing for their future. We have prepared, however, a career planning checklist that is available for students to review under the "For Students" section of the Career Services website. 

Q. Who does my son or daughter contact for employment during the school year?

A. Although Career Services specializes in full-time professional work, we also assist students with part-time off-campus work. The Career Services website offers a job database that includes part-time employment, full-time employment and internships. If your child is looking for on-campus employment or work study programs they should look at the on-campus job listings page (click here for listings).

Q. Are internships available for students at any level of their college education?

A. Internships are available to students when they reach junior or senior level status. Although there are special circumstances when employers will request a sophomore, we recommend that a student has completed their basic education requirements and is enrolled in courses that pertain to their major.

Q. What preparation is there for resume writing and interviewing?

A. Each student can utilize Career Services for help writing resumes and cover letters, critiques and preparation for interviewing. Services available for students are listed under the Student Services section of this website.

Q. Will you guarantee my son or daughter a job after graduation?

A. No, we will equip your student with the resources, the preparation and the knowledge of where to search, apply, and seek employment. We connect students with organizations that are hiring and give them confidence in their interviewing techniques. 

Q. Who hires/recruits Oklahoma Christian University graduates?

A. Employers from all over the United States recruit and hire OC graduates. Employers recruit our students by using our on-campus interview days, career days, job fairs, and by posting jobs to our online database. For a list of employers who regularly recruit on campus, please contact Career Services directly at (405) 425-5460.