Upcoming Events

November 2015

10th          The University of Oklahoma College of Law (Gaylord University Center)

11th          The YMCA/OKC (Gaylord University Center)

11th          Camp Noah (Gaylord University Center)

13th          Dell Information Session

    •  HBC 115
    •  HSH 208
16th          UW Sports Ministry (Gaylord University Center)
18th          Transitioning From Book Bag to Briefcas
    • Aaron Palacios, Petra Industries
    • HBC - 115

December 2015

January 2016

27th          Summer Camp Fair (Camps Register Here;Additional Information)

    • Gaylord University Center

February 2016

19th          Spring Career Fair (Employers Register Here; Additional Information)

    • McIntosh Conservatory