Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registration

All new and returning students must register their motorized vehicles on entrance to Campus by the first day of class; then register each year thereafter by Fall semester in order to park and drive on OC Campus.  Yearly registration is required by students for Campus Police to verify the vehicle is authorized to be on OC Campus for that year.  Vehicle registration begins May 1st and is only valid per academic year (May 1 - April 30), even if color of decal is used 2 years.  Online registration is now available year round and is free.
Faculty/staff must register their vehicles upon reporting to work; authorized vehicle permits are only good during employment.
If you use a rental, borrow or get a new/different vehicle, get a new windshield, get a new/temporary/specialized tag, or need a different color decal, you will need to again register immediately for a new or temporary vehicle decal.  Temporary decals are for temporary vehicles/tags.  There is no charge for registering or obtaining a vehicle decal.  Early registration is recommended to prevent standing in excessive long lines.  To register online:   Students go to your website, search 'Vehicle Registration', log in, register vehicle, and 'Submit'.  
The following items are required for all persons operating a motorized vehicle on university property for verification and authorization to drive and park on OC campus.  Remember to bring with you to pick up your vehicle decal:
  1. Your OC ID.
  2. Your Current driver's license.
  3. Your Vehicle license plate number.
  4. Your Current liability insurance and name of insurance agent.

Pick up permit decal times:  8 am - 4 pm, MON-FRI, at Campus Police, 2801 E. Memorial, Ste.105 (SE corner of campus). 

Decal should be affixed on passenger right front windshield, inside vehicle.  (Do not block view looking right, do not place in windshield tint area.)  For motorcycles:  Affix decal on front of left fork.  Parking and driving privileges are authorized by academic classification, with student's responsibility to upgrade decal: Freshman/Sophomores (Blue decal), Juniors/Seniors (Maroon decal), Graduates (Gray decal), Faculty/Staff (White decal).

NOTE: OC vehicle permits/decals are not transferable/reusable.  Student, faculty/staff, person, or registered member to an OC permit will be held responsible for citations issued to the permit.  Temporary issued parking permits are only good for 30 days and must be current to be valid.  Registration is NOT complete until decal is visible, permanent, and correctly placed on assigned vehicle's windshield.

Parking and Driving Regulations

Any person parking/operating a vehicle on OC Campus is responsible for the control and safe operation of vehicle, observance of traffic control signals, barriers/devices, including acknowledgement, obeying, acceptance, and admittance of OC's 'Parking Regulations'.  Vehicles should be secured against theft or burglary.  Oklahoma Christian University assumes no responsibility for protection of vehicles or property left in vehicles.  The Vehicle operator is responsible to make any special requests to Campus Police, which must be approved before a citation is issued.

Campus parking spaces are allocated to specified user groups in designated areas, and as follows:

  • Parking is first come, first served basis.  An issued parking permit is merely authorization to park if space is available.
  • Lack of a parking lot space is not a valid reason to violate Parking Regulations.  'One lined parking space' is for parking of 'one permit authorized vehicle'.  Finding a legal parking space is the vehicle operator's responsibility.
  • The vehicle operator must park only in authorized areas for the permit type displayed on vehicle.

Speed Limit on Campus:  Parking lot speed limit - 10 mph.  Driving on campus streets speed limit - 25 mph.   Driving Regulations on Campus Streets: Oklahoma State Driving Laws apply.  Motorized vehicles on Sidewalks:  Only motorized handicapped wheelchairs/scooters with valid permits are authorized on OC sidewalks.

Campus student parking regulations/privileges apply during school hours (listed below) from 7:00am to 5:00pm, MON-FRI:                                        

-  Freshman and Sophomore students living on campus: Park at your dorm/apartment and walk to class.                 

-  Freshman and sophomore commuters park in parking lots:  1. W. of Enterprise Square and S. of Garvey Center. 2. W. and S. of Gaylord University Student Center.  3. Triangle lot on N. side of campus W. of soccer fields.                                                                                           

-  Juniors, Seniors, Graduate students park only in student parking lots marked with 'yellow lines', listed below:

1. Parking lot N. of Mabee Learning Center(far North half) 5. Parking lot N. of Prince Engineering and Herold Science Hall
2. Parking lot S. and W. of Hardeman Auditorium 6. Parking lot W. of Enterprise Square
3. Parking lot S. of Williams-Branch Biblical Studies Center 7. Parking spaces on W. side of Thelma Gaylord Forum only (marked JR/SR parking)
4. Parking lot E. of Harvey Business Center

Students must not park in 'White Lines', visitor parking, or faculty/staff parking (7:00am - 5:00pm, MON-FRI). 
Visitor parking location: N. and E. side of Thelma Gaylord Forum on Wilson Way and W. side of Hardeman Auditorium.  There are no appeals for unauthorized parking in Handicap and parking in Fire lanes.

Campus Police and Safety will additionally issue tickets to students parking in "Reserved", covered parking, handicapped parking/zones without permits, RD/RA spaces, faculty/staff parking, visitor parking, fire zones, on curb in the Forum and in front of Library, in circle drive at Hardeman Auditorium and Gaylord University Center, on sidewalks or grass areas, campus roads, and loading zones.

Faculty/Staff/Authorized Vendors working on Campus must register in person, and park in 'white lines':

  • Parking lot N. of Mabee Learning Center.
  • Parking lot N. of Prince Engineering Center and Herold Science Hall.
  • Parking lot E. of Judd Theatre and W. of Hardeman Auditorium.
  • Parking lot S. of Williams-Branch Biblical Studies Center.
  • Parking lot E. of Heritage Plaza Business Building.


WITHIN 7 DAYS OF CITATION DATE, all fines are to be paid to the Cashier in Heritage Plaza Business Office, 13800 Benson Road, or charges will be added to student's account.

Evidence Policy Rule:  Evidence a motor vehicle was parked or unattended and in violation of OC regulations (if no parking permit has been issued and vehicle is not registered with OC) is prima facie (doubtless) evidence vehicle was parked by any of the following:  1. The person with the registered vehicle parking permit.  2. A family member, ward of registered owner, employed with, or enrolled at OC at time of violation.  3. The person whose name is registered with Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles, Oklahoma County, the corresponding agency of another state, or Indian nation. 

OC reserves the right to revoke parking and driving privileges with cases of repeated violations, reckless driving or unwarranted disregard of vehicle rules and regulations, damaging property, or any act detrimental to the safety or best interests of the OC University community.


Appeals should first be made in person, WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER CITED VIOLATION DATE, along with providing student's copy of the vehicle ticket, at Campus Police Department (SE corner of campus), 2801 E. Memorial Rd., Ste.105.  Appeal hours:  9:00am - 4:00pm, MON - FRI, closed 11:00am - 12:00pm.  Office phone: (405) 425-5502.