Campus closed Wednesday; classes/activities cancelled

Due to the weather forecast, OC's campus will be closed Wednesday. All classes and activities are cancelled. Students, faculty, and staff - check your email for more info.

Parking Regulations

Vehicle Registration

All students must register their cars/motorcycles in order to park on campus.  This must be done online before OR during the first week of class for the current school year.  If you purchase a vehicle after school starts, or get a new vehicle, please come by the office and register your car within one week of having it on campus. Freshman/Sophomores must have a blue sticker.  Junior/Seniors must have a maroon sticer.  There is no charge for registration. The following items are required for all persons operating a vehicle on university property:

  1. OC Student ID
  2. Current drivers license number
  3. Vehicle license plate number
  4. Current liability insurance and name of insurance company

After registering, the sticker will be delivered to the mail room.  It should be placed in the front lower driver window of the vehicle. New stickers are normally only issued twice while attending OC. Once during freshman/sophomore years and once during junior/senior years. Students need to come by and register again when they get a new vehicle or a new windshield. Old stickers cannot be transferred.

Parking and Safety Regulations

Any person operating a vehicle is responsible for the control and safe operation of that vehicle and observance of traffic control signals, barriers and devices. All vehicles parked on campus should be secured against theft or burglary. Oklahoma Christian University assumes no responsibility for the protection of vehicles or the property left within vehicles.

Parking on Campus (from 7:00am to 5:00pm)

Freshman and Sophomore students are required to keep their vehicles in the dorm parking lots and parking areas west of the Gaylord University Center.

Freshman and sophomores commuters may park in the parking lot West of Enterprise Square, west of the Gaylord University Center, and the triangle lot on the north side of campus by the soccer fields.

Sophomores living in the apartments must keep their cars at the apartments and parking areas west of the Gaylord University Center.

Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students are allowed to park in student parking marked with yellow lines in the following parking lots:

A. Parking lot North of the Mabee Learning Center (the far north half)
B. Parking lot West of Hardeman Auditorium
C. Parking spaces on West side of Thelma Gaylord Forum next to the Gaylord University Center
D. Parking lot East of Harvey Business Center
E. Parking lot West of Enterprise Square
F. Parking lot North of Prince Engineering Center and Herold Science Hall
G. Parking lot South of Williams-Branch Biblical Studies Center

2. Students must not park in visitor parking or faculty/staff parking (between 7:00a.m. and 5:00p.m).
Visitor parking is located on the North side of Thelma Gaylord Forum on Wilson Way and the west side of Hardeman Auditorium. No parking in Firelanes.

Campus Police and Safety will issue tickets to students who park in "Reserved" parking (yellow curbs), including RD/RA spaces, faculty/staff parking (white lines), visitor parking, handicapped parking without permits (blue curbs), fire zones (red curbs), on the curb in the Forum, in the circle drive at Hardeman Auditorium and the Gaylord University Center, on sidewalks or grass areas, campus roads and loading zones.

Faculty/Staff parking (white lines) are located in the following parking lots:

A. The parking lot north of Mabee Learning Center

B. Parking lot north of Prince Engineering Center and Herold Science Hall

C. Parking lot east of Judd Theatre and west of Hardeman Auditorium

D. Parking lot south of the Williams-Branch Biblical Studies Center

E. Parking lot east of the Business Building


All fines are to be paid in the Business Office within 7 days of the date of the citation, or it will be added to the student's account at that time.

The University reserves the right to revoke driving privileges in case of repeated violations, reckless driving or unwarranted disregard of vehicle rules and regulations, damaging property or any act detrimental to the safety or best interests of the university community.