Silent Witness Form


We live and work in a small community, and we all like to think of it as "home". And, while we would wish otherwise, it is often true that members of our extended family here on campus may cause problems for others. Problems in which, unfortunately for both them and us, constitute criminal offenses. When crimes do occur on campus, several things can be said with absolute certainty of fact:

  • Because our campus is small, it is almost certain that someone has either seen the event take place or know of someone who did.
  • There is a greater likelihood that someone has heard or seen something or someone which leads them to believe that they were either involved or know the persons who were.
  • Someone wishes to provide the CAMPUS POLICE with information but does not wish to be identified as the party providing the information.

To this end, we have provided a completely anonymous method of contacting the CAMPUS POLICE Department to provide timely information.  This can be done online from our website.

Whether you saw it, heard it, or heard about it, you may be able to assist us in resolving Campus crime issues and by providing us with information. Crime Incident Report Form