Lectureship 2014

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October 5-7, 2014

Thank you for attending this year’s lectureship, “Fully Engaged.”  We hope the series of lessons encouraged you to become more like Christ as mentioned in 1 Peter 2:21, “... that you should follow in His steps.”  Many of our lessons provided practical examples of how you can become more like Christ as you become fully engaged in Serving - Telling - Exemplifying - Praying - Sacrificing.

If you did not have an opportunity to attend in person, videos of the keynote lectures and chapel talks are available, free of charge.  Click the widget button below to view the videos.  Audio recordings of all lessons will soon be available.  Please check back with us in early November.  

Thank you for your past support, and please mark your calendars to join us next year, October 4-6, 2015 for more inspirational singing, study, and fellowship and bring lots of friends with you!

The OC Church Relations Office
Alan Martin, Stafford North, Bob Rowley, and Kaye Wilkerson

P.S. Audio recordings of all previous lectureships and select video recordings of keynote sessions are available online free of charge. Click here to view the list of videos downloadable audio recordings of all other lessons.

Any questions about Lectureship?
Please contact Kaye Wilkerson in the Church Relations office at (405)425-5141 or kaye.wilkerson@oc.edu