Volunteer Application

Volunteers must submit an application for review and be approved by the advisory board to be a part of the TOTO program. The application is a three step process: 1) an interview with the advisory board, 2) a disposition evaluation of the dog by a member of TOTO, and 3) a demonstration of the dog’s basic obedience skills.

Volunteers are responsible for their dog’s continued training and good behavior. Dog’s whose behavior fails to meet therapy dog standards may be removed from the TOTO program. 

Volunteers are responsible for their dog’s hygiene. TOTO dogs must be clean and well-groomed when working. While the dog is on campus, all fecal material must be discarded immediately in the appropriate waste receptacles.

A volunteer must:

  • Work with your pet and complete CGC before applying to the program
  • Talk with your supervisor about joining the program
  • Fill out an online application
  • Attend an interview with the TOTO Committee
  • Bring your pet for a disposition evaluation and health inspection with TOTO representatives
  • Submit all your pet’s medical records

Upon acceptance:

  • Sign the Volunteer Acknowledgement and Acceptance document
  • Train for therapy dog work according to Alliance of Therapy Dogs’ standards
  • Pass both the ATD certification test
  • Continue to submit all medical records for TOTO to keep on file