TeamOC Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

The TeamOC Fitness Challenge promotes a healthy lifestyle and aims to provide participants with the tools they need to make a lifestyle change for the better.

Registration for Spring 2019 is now open.

The Fitness Challenge will start on January 14th, 2019, and go through April 14th, 2019.

The fitness challenge is now split into six categories, each one pertaining to specific needs or season of life.Each category has five main requirements; steps, weekly challenges, group fitness, hours of fitness, and community. These five requirements will differ slightly between each category. Within each category, the weekly challenges are determined based on the purpose of each category. You will choose one category per semester to participate in for the Fitness Challenge.

Fitness Challenge Categories:

New to Challenge

The New to Challenge category is for those new to the Fitness Challenge or who are eager to begin their fitness journey. In this challenge we encourage you to try new things while easing you into the world of fitness with support and guidance.

Click here for more details on the New to Challenge Fitness Challenge


General Fitness

The General Fitness category is for those who are comfortable with exercise and are looking to maintain and tone their bodies while challenging their current routine with new insight and ideas.

Click here for more details on the General Fitness Fitness Challenge

Weight Loss

The Weight Loss category is to aid those who have struggled with weight loss and are needing guidance with a structured exercise and nutrition routine. Through accountability and support, we hope this category promotes a lifestyle change.

Click here for more details on the Weight Loss Fitness Challenge


Just For Fun

The Just For Fun category is for those who want to participate in the Challenge, but want to enjoy and discover new and fun ways to be active. In this category you are encouraged to include family and friends in many of your activities.

Click here for more details on the Just For Fun Fitness Challenge


Stress Relief

The Stress Relief category is for those who want to be active and involved but find themselves experiencing a stressful season of life. Focusing on stress relieving activities and mindfulness, this category will hopefully have a positive effect during this season.

Click here for more details on the Stress Relief Fitness Challenge


High Intensity

The High Intensity category is for those experienced in exercise and who have a competitive spirit looking to challenge themselves. This category is meant to expand your horizons and push you beyond your current limits.

Click here for more details on the High Intensity Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge will start on January 14th, 2019.

Register for Spring 2019 Here

Registration for Spring 19 is Open Click Here to Register 

Please email TheDub@OC.EDU if you are interested in joining Fitness Challenge after registration close.

Registration Fee:

OC Employees  - $20

An OC Employees' 'non-OC employee' spouse, child (16+) or a friend can join you for a fee of $40.

ALL Participants agree to supply a $100 check as a security deposit that will only be cashed at the end of the Spring '19 Fitness Challenge if they do not complete their chosen Fitness Challenge. This is to help keep you motivated.

Other opportunities are also available to the participants such as Lunch and Learns, discounted entry to TeamOC events such as the Choose Your K, Worth A Tri and a welcome and final reception.

We recommend that you find an accountability partner that can encourage you on this journey. That might be someone else who wants to go on this journey with you. Talk to your co-workers and see if this is something you could do together or even as an office!

Lunch and Learns

  • Nutrition: Changing Habits

    • Heather Hoffhines 

    • Monday January 28th

    • DAH 203

    • 12pm - 1pm

    • Lunch provided

    • Register Here
  • Mindfulness:

    • Carrie Jane Arledge

    • Tuesday February 26th

    • DAH 203

    • 12pm - 1pm

    • Lunch Provided: The Loaded Bowl

    • Register Here
  • Fitness:

    • Morgandi Lashley

    • Thursday March 28th

    • DAH 203

    • 12pm - 1pm

    • Lunch Provided - Coolgreens

    • Register Here