Staff Council

What is Staff Council?

With its roots in the Administrative Council and later the Staff Advisory Council (SAC), the Staff Council has been serving OC employees since the 90s. The Staff Council is an employee-elected group of staff representatives that meets monthly to discuss important topics relating to the OC family and to plan/implement activities and strategies that foster better communication and a greater sense of community across campus.

Preeminent among the Council’s responsibilities are:

  • serving as an advisory and investigative body for the president’s leadership team;
  • seeking opportunities to promote a positive, collaborative work environment and a fun, family-oriented culture across campus; and
  • serving as a safe, approachable, and accessible sounding board for employee questions, concerns, and ideas.

For 2016-2017, your Staff Council representatives are Josh Bailey, Will Blanchard, Lyle Campbell, Teresa DeBoard, John Domina, Megan Hansen, Kelsey Herndon, Bonnie Howard, Austin Hughes, Wes McKinzie, and Sonya Young.

For additional information on the governing ideas behind the Staff Council, please see our bylaws.

What can the Staff Council do for OC and for me? And how can I help?

The Staff Council is unique in that the group is exclusively chosen and governed by OC’s sub-vice-president-level staff. Team1 works with the Council, but no one on the president’s executive leadership team exercises control of the group. This means, if you’re an OC employee, the Staff Council is entirely yours.

If you have ...

  • ideas for employee events or programs
  • questions or concerns on university happenings
  • recommendations for employee policy changes
  • nominations for Employee of the Month
  • or any other thoughts on how we can foster a warmer, more communicative employee environment

... let your colleagues on Staff Council know! You’re welcome to reach out to any of us individually (contact info is listed under “Meet the Staff Council”) or you can write to the group collectively at

You’ll find all of us to be very receptive to your ideas, and we will voice your wisdom to the president and to Team1. We’ll also keep everything you share anonymous if you desire. In the past, your input through Staff Council has made a significant impact on OC policy and employee programs, and your involvement will play a role in future decisions, too.

Please use the links at the right for additional information on the Staff Council, to submit nominations for Employee of the Month, and to share ideas with the current team.

Thanks for being at OC and for giving us the privilege of serving you!