Purposes of the Fund

Helping Northwest Students Pay for Christian Education. The Northwest Endowment Fund annual endowment payouts are used to provide scholarships at Oklahoma Christian University for qualified students residing in the Pacific Northwest. All Northwest students are encouraged to contact the OC Financial Services Office for an application to be considered for these scholarships. 

Strengthening Churches in the Pacific Northwest.  Church Enrichment Grants are designed to help fund ministry events or programs that directly contribute to the spiritual vitality of a cappella churches of Christ in the Pacific Northwest and/or provide spiritual education.  The specific uses of these funds and types of ministry events will be determined by The Northwest Endowment Board.

States Served By the NWEF

The fund will serve students and churches in the following states and province:

  • Alaska
  • British Columbia
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Northern California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
Northwest Students at Oklahoma Christian University