The Dialogues

Dr. Roberto 2014-15 Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues

Dr. John Roberto

For the well being of our families, our churches, and our society, we need to get serious about building intergenerational relationships and communities. Join us for a presentation on how we can strengthen the intergenerational fabric of our churches and society. Discover dozens of ways to connect the generations in our churches and community. Everyone has a role to play—come and see what your role might be!

John Westerhoff and Holly Allen2013-14 Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues 

Dr. John Westerhoff & Dr. Holly Allen

Two leading experts in the field of spiritual development – Dr. John Westerhoff and Dr. Holly Allen – led the Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues at Oklahoma Christian University in April 2014. Westerhoff’s classic work, Will Our Children Have Faith?, and Allen’s new book, Intergenerational Christian Formation, provided the foundation for this critical discussion. The free lecture, held in OC’s Judd Theatre, featured presentations by both featured guests, who also answered questions from the audience. Click here to watch OC president John deSteiguer interview Dr. Westerhoff.

Gabe Lyons2012-13 Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues 

Gabe Lyons

Best-selling author Gabe Lyons, who wrote The Next Christians and co-wrote un-Christian with Barna Group president David Kinnaman, led the Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues at Oklahoma Christian University in October 2012. The free lecture, held in OC’s Judd Theatre, was a huge success as Gabe shared his insights and answered questions afterwards.  


2011-12 Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues 

David Kinnaman

In 2011, David Kinnaman worked alongside the Intergenerational Faith Center to launch the first-ever IFC Dialogues. Speaking to four different audiences in three different venues, he highlighted material from his latest work: You Lost Me. Hundreds gathered in Hardeman Auditorium to listen to David and to text him questions to answer. Afterwards, David signed copies of You Lost Me, which the IFC made available to participants at a reduced cost.