The following links lead to online resources capturing IFC conversations about the sharing of faith:

John deSteiguer - 2016
Video Q&A with John Roberto
John deSteiguer - 2014
Video Q&A with John Westerhoff
Lynn McMillon - 2013
A conversation with Gabe Lyons
Dudley Chancey and Ron Bruner - 2013
'Insightful and surprising' ideas offered by teens in national survey
Bobby Ross, Jr. - 2013
National survey report: Teens envision a church more pleasing to God
Ron Bruner - 2012
To stop the flow of young people leaving Churches of Christ, intergenerational relationships are vital
Lynn McMillon - 2012
A conversation with David Kinnaman
Dudley Chancey - 2009
Why are kids leaving the church? The answer lies in parents