Record number of students accepted to national conference

Dr. Cami Agan, Chair of the Department of Language and Literature, sends this announcement:

It is my sincere pleasure to report that we’ve had a record number of eleven students accepted to the Sigma Tau Delta National conference to be held in Minneapolis this March. This marks the seventh year that our students have attended, and in that time every student that has applied has been accepted to the conference. I think this success truly speaks to the kind of intellectual community we have created in L&L, and the extent to which students are starting to make our name known across the nation. The Rho Mu chapter has also been asked to participate in the best chapter displays at the conference, and the 2008 edition of Soundings is also under consideration for best literary journal.

Here are the names of the students and the titles of the works they will present:
Matthew Miller: “Hotspur and Machiavelli: the Death of Chivalry”
Bailey Thomas: “An Afternoon in Hiroshima”
Ben Rawlins: “The Music of Connection and Individualism in James Baldwin’s ‘Sonny’s Blues’”
Roy Rhodes: “Sexual Autonomy and Authorial Power in Emma”
Justin Neill: Excerpts from “Posts”
Brandon Chism: “Small Dark and Handsome”
Taylor Walling; “The Lie I Am a Poet”
Jaclyn Kaissling: “Don’t Feed Chickens in Your Underwear”
Taylor Boston: “Homophobic Anxiety in The Maltese Falcon”
Angela Bebb: Exposing the Deux Ex Machina: The Conflict of Merit and Reality in Mansfield Park
Ashleigh Hess: Preservando Cultura en Corridos Mexicanos: Machismo, Modernismo, e Identidad Chicana

Please join me in congratulating these exceptional students.