Professor touts college savings in state treasurer role

Ken Miller

Dr. Ken Miller, who serves as Oklahoma's state treasurer in addition to his role as associate professor of business at Oklahoma Christian University, announced a sweepstakes to help students save for college.

At an event at Capitol Hill Elementary in Oklahoma City, Miller helped kick off the Think Big! Save for College! Sweepstakes, a partnership between the Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

“The sweepstakes reminds families about the importance of saving now for a child's college education,” Miller said in an article by The Oklahoman.

The sweepstakes will award $2,529 for an Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan account to two Summer Reading Program participants. One winner will be selected from the children's program and one from the teen program, according to The Oklahoman. Entries can be submitted online at

Parents with students applying to Oklahoma Christian can go to to set up/contribute to an OK 529 account. When a parent is ready to withdraw funds for their child’s expenses, they simply designate OC as the university they wish to have the funds sent to. 

OC also is part of a consortium of schools that offers a pre-paid 529 plan (

The latest step in Oklahoma Christian's commitment to make college affordable was its recent announcement that the university will eliminate all student fees and will not raise students’ total costs for tuition, room and board for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Oklahoma Christian also will expand its block pricing to 17 hours per semester (up from 15).

Tuition for most students taking 12 to 17 hours will be $18,800 per year. Total charges for the typical OC student, including room and board, will be $24,975.

That price is far below the national private-school average of $38,589, and is further reduced by financial aid that makes OC’s nationally-recognized education competitive with many state-supported institutions.

For more information about OC's new pricing structure, go to