OC stages the state premiere of “Les Bavards”

Oklahoma Christian University will produce the state premiere of Jacques Offenbach’s comic opera “Les Bavards” on April 15.

Presented by the OC music department, the opera will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Hardeman Auditorium.

The opera’s title is loosely translated “The Motormouths." The fully staged and costumed production will be directed by Kevin Asselin, conducted by Ken Adams and accompanied by a professional orchestra. This will be Adams’ final performance as professor following a 40-year career at OC.

The hilarious plot of the two-act comedy revolves around the impressive verbal ability of a poor, young student named Roland, who is hired by Sarimiento, the guardian uncle of Roland’s sweetheart, Inez. Roland’s new job is to use his ability to talk rapidly and continuously to overwhelm, and thereby silence, the constant chatter of Sarimiento’s talkative wife. Thus, the plot pits one motormouth against another.

As a reward for his amazing verbal abilities, Roland ultimately receives Inez’s hand in marriage and the forgiveness of all his considerable debts—but only after the unfolding of the usual comic opera subplots, intrigues and nonsensical story turns.

Cast members include OC students Lavon Wheeler, Alyssa Jackson, Ryan Gonzales, Chris Jenkins, Reece Kingcade, Brian Wilcox, Tommy Winberry, Leah Graefe, Matt Huebert and Lauren Wheeler.

Admission is free. For more information, call 425-5530.