OC alumni win Emmy Awards

Lucas Ross and Kyle Roberts
Lucas Ross and Kyle Roberts

Oklahoma Christian University alumni Kyle Roberts and Lucas Ross won Emmy Awards at the annual gala for the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on Saturday.

Roberts’ honor came for his work as editor and animator for The Oklahoman’s commercial, “Thunder in Motion.” Click here to watch the award-winning spot.

Roberts double-majored in broadcast journalism and corporate media at Oklahoma Christian, earning his degree in 2007. He is a videographer and editor for The Oklahoman and NewsOK.com and also owns Reckless Abandonment Pictures, which participated in SyFy’s “Viral Video Showdown” last year.

“It was such an honor and blessing when they called my name,” Roberts said. “The best thing I love about working for The Oklahoman and NewsOK.com is the freedom they give me to think creatively. That’s what brought us home the gold!”

Ross won in the “Talent-Performer/Host/Moderator” category for his work with Oklahoma City’s KFOR and KAUT television stations. His featured performances include his All in the Family promo, Antenna TV Time Machine campaign spots, Brad Pitt spoofs, banjo songs on KAUT’s “Rise and Shine,” and sketches for his “2 Movie Guys” show.

Ross, who graduated from Oklahoma Christian with a mass communication/theatre degree in 2003, also won an Heartland Emmy last year for the “2 Movie Guys’ Intergalactic Holiday Showdown.”

“I'm just so honored to get this award, but moreso to work at a job that allows me to entertain and try to make people happy,” Ross said. “OC allowed me a unique experience to learn everything from interviewing to camera work to even making comical Chapel announcements. It’s been nearly 10 years since I graduated and I feel like I’m getting to do the same kind of things every day.”

The Heartland Emmys recognize excellence in television and media production in the large markets of Denver and Oklahoma City, plus small- and medium-sized markets in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.