Halie Hilburn appears on American Idol

Halie Hilburn on American Idol.
Halie Hilburn on American Idol.

Halie Hilburn is "going to Hollywood" on American Idol after she advanced out of the Oklahoma City auditions.

The Oklahoma Christian University alumna's audition aired on American Idol's January 31 broadcast. It featured both Halie (Swan) and her "dog" Oscar, who unfortunately didn't get a thumbs up from American Idol's resident "dawg," Randy Jackson, or fellow judges Mariah Carey, Keith Urban or Nicki Minaj.

Halie, a 2008 OC graduate, hails from Vernon, Texas. Thanks to "HumanSlinky" for capturing Halie's full American Idol segment ...

Here are more photos from Halie Hilburn's American Idol debut:

Halie and Seacrest

Halie and Oscar meet Ryan Seacrest.

Oscar cuts in on Halie's audition.

Oscar cuts in on Halie's audition.

Halie and Oscar singing

Halie and Oscar try to win over the judges.

Halie and Oscar

The judges critique Halie and Oscar's "duet."

Going to Hollywood

The moment of truth - Halie's going to Hollywood!

Golden ticket

Halie shows off her golden ticket.

Seacrest and Oscar

Ryan Seacrest decides it's time to break up the act. "Oscar" is getting left behind.

Halie - American Idol logo

Halie talks about her big break.