$2M challenge pledge strengthens Oklahoma Christian

$2M challenge pledge strengthens Oklahoma Christian

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A new $2 million challenge pledge will boost the impact of unrestricted gifts to Oklahoma Christian University through the 2016 fiscal year.

The pledge will match unrestricted gifts up to $250,000 per household until the $2 million threshold is reached.

“We are so grateful for this anonymous donor. I believe this donor is a gift to us from God,” President John deSteiguer said. “We’re receiving this gift because this donor loves OC and the life-changing power of this university. This donor believes in our faculty and staff, and the impact they make on our students. This donor thinks OC is worth it.”

Appropriately, $500,000 of the challenge pledge is supporting faculty and staff benefits. It also enables Oklahoma Christian to grow its budget margin and invest in programs that will attract more students to the university.

While the challenge pledge applies to all new unrestricted gifts, its impact on alumni donations through OC’s Homeward campaign could be especially significant; alumni can essentially double the size of their gifts thanks to this pledge.

Through Homeward, the number of alumni givers has grown from 940 to 2,278 since 2012. With almost 20 percent of alumni now supporting the university financially, Oklahoma Christian outpaces the national average by about eight percentage points.

“Many colleges are facing financial hurdles because of the macro forces in our economy and society. We really can’t predict the future, but in some ways, we can create the future because there is much under our control,” deSteiguer said. “This donor was motivated by our willingness to think creatively and boldly about everything we do at OC, and by our willingness to make decisions today that will make our tomorrow better and more secure.”

Oklahoma Christian, recognized as one of the best universities in the western United States by U.S. News and World Report and The Princeton Review, set a school record this year with 2,479 students enrolled. Overall, the last decade has featured OC’s 10 highest enrollments ever.

The university offers undergraduate programs in more than 60 fields of study, an undergraduate Honors Program, and graduate programs in accountancy, business administration, engineering, Christian ministry, divinity, and theological studies.