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by: Andy Baker | September 6, 2018

God continues to open doors for our coverage of the world enabling us to contact more people.  Rex Morgan and our Spanish programming has signed up over 1,900 for a Bible Correspondence Course over the last 6 months.  Many have also downloaded the You Version Bible app into their phones from contact with our Spanish outreach.  Last year over 2 million hits occurred on the Spanish website by over 250,000 different people. 

World Christian Broadcasting has been blessed by a family whose heart was moved to help us begin Portuguese programming very soon.  That significant gift has enabled us to meet with 2-3 people who would work on this team and produce Portuguese broadcasts from our Indian Ocean station to the 250 million people who speak that language.  Be looking for updates and the beginning of this new language service in the next few months.

T1-zGN1Balking with our friends from World Bible School, the number of people signing up for a Correspondence Course has gradually risen in Africa and Latin America over the last several months.  We mention those courses twice every hour on our African programs and are grateful to have the partnership that we do with WBS.  Our response office in St. Petersburg, Russia takes care of many requests for Bibles, religious material and correspondence courses generated from our broadcasts into Russia from Alaska and our Indian Ocean station.  Our Chinese website continues to have thousands contact us by this means, downloading over 2,400 pages per day.  Many listeners come to us from the radio broadcasts to the website and many others find our radio broadcasts from the Chinese website.  House churches in China will use these downloaded pages in their Sunday Bible classes. 

Our English programs continue to connect with new listeners in India and the Pacific Rim region introducing Jesus to millions every day.  The Middle East is blanketed each day with Arabic programs to cause listeners to consider Jesus with messages of hope and salvation. Along with our programs into Africa, we are improving our African Pathways website and looking into contacting more people in Africa via their cell phones.  New technology has opened a door to more people in Africa to reach people in additional ways along with shortwave. 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Go to YouTube and look at four 75 second videos that will introduce you, your family, friends and your church to our mission and purpose with a focus on the Indian Ocean station and the entire world that we are covering every day.  2018 has begun in an exciting way with the beginning of Portuguese programs later on this year.  Keep praying that other families and congregations will be moved to help us financially to be able to begin Korean and French programs.  This would enable us to be sending out the gospel in 9 different languages.  The mission continues! 

Andy Baker