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Waldron Reports on Preacher Training in Uganda

by: Stafford North | May 9, 2018

Jim Waldron, longtime missionary who has served in Pakistan, Australia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Ukraine, and India, recently reported on a trip to Kenya.  He serves under the oversight of the Crosville Church of Christ in Crosville, Tennessee.

In his March newsletter, Waldron tells that Paul Coffman of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, called and asked him to go with him to Uganda on a mission to train local preachers there.  Since he had worked to prepare brethren to train others in evening Bible schools, a plan which has been very successful in India, he decided to accept the challenge.

In Kasese, Uganda, they spent three days teaching about the original church, which is the kingdom of God, and the urgency of maintaining the pattern of sound words.  “Thirty- seven brothers attended.  On the third day” Waldron reports, “I gave a test to try to ascertain the soundness of these brothers.  I was very pleased with their answers, for these brothers knocked the ball out of the park.”  The major reason for their soundness, he suggests, is that most had been trained in the East African Bible Training School.

Waldron chose twenty-three of these men to become teachers in the evening schools. “If,” he says, “each of these teachers averages having only ten students, that will mean 230 men studying to preach.”  These schools, Waldron explains, “will be like the schools in India which are now operating in six states in that country.  By the grace of God we have fulltime schools in two other states and they are effective but cost much more than the evening schools.”  The evening schools meet twelve nights a month and the evening meal and bus fare runs only $18 per student per month.

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