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Two New Sets of Teaching Materials Available on e-Bible Study

by: Stafford North | November 16, 2010

Two new sets of teacher’s guides have recently been posted on One, by Dr. John Harrison of the OC Bible faculty, presents thirteen lessons for the teacher to use in a study on 1 and 2 Timothy. The other, by Dr. Stafford North also of the OC Bible faculty, provides thirteen lessons for teachers on the subject of Christ and His Church, a study of the many relationships between Christ and His followers. These materials are provided at no cost at

Since 2001, Oklahoma Christian Bible teachers have been providing this service to give churches access to good Bible study materials. Currently there are twenty-one different sets of materials available at the site—some aimed for use at the adult level and some for high school students. To date, materials from this site have been downloaded more than 55,500 times by more than 13,000 different users, indicting wide-spread use all over the world.

Topics include lessons for teens on Christian evidences, a course on home and family, studies of books of the Old Testament and New Testament, studies on worship, the church, how to understand the Bible, and more. We hope you will check out the site simply by going to You will be asked to sign in with your email address.

EBibleStudy is just one of the many services, including Good News, which Oklahoma Christian provides to assist and encourage churches around the world.