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The White Rock Fund is Good News

by: Stafford North | July 11, 2018

For many years, the White Rock Fund, started by David Tarbet, has provided needed funds for mission work all over the world.  They give forty percent of their distributions to works in the northeastern United States, where one-fifth of US citizens live, with the other sixty percent going to places all around the globe.  They currently are assisting with work in thirty-nine nations and in thirty languages.  They contribute directly to congregations who will be supporting and overseeing the work of a minister whom the Fund has decided to help.  The works they added for 2018 are a minister for a Spanish congregation in Dallas, a minister in Augusta, Maine, a minister in Ecuador, and thirteen preachers in Zambia.

One of these new works is overseen by the Baker Heights Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas, which received a grant from the Fund to help with the work in Eastern Zambia and in Malawi and Mozambique along the Zambian border. There thirteen gospel preachers will help nurture and transform congregations to a strong level of self-sufficiency (spiritually and physically). Since 2007, 114 congregations have been established there and over 8,000 souls have been baptized or restored.  Four or five congregations have developed elders.

These four new works are in addition to places in the United States and in other countries which the Fund was already assisting.  Those supported in the United States include works located in Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

One of the most interesting works in the United States is with Paul Oppong who obeyed the gospel in Ghana.  Paul, along with his wife and four children, have moved to New York City where he preaches for the North Bronx Church of Christ—a two year old congregation primarily of Ghanaian Christians planted in the heart of New York City.   Every Lord’s Day approximately 120 Christians meet in a rented facility to study the Word of God and worship.  This church sponsors an internet radio program to reach Ghanaian people around the world.  Another work with which the Fund assists that also works with people from Ghana is in Worcester, Massachusetts.  John Nat and Elizabeth Kissi came to America from Ghana and settled in Worcester where many from Ghana live.  They work with a ninety member church which reaches not only to people from Ghana but also to people of all cultures.

The Fund’s ongoing works outside the US include three ministers in Belgium, three in Australia, one in Brazil, three in Cambodia, one in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Guinea, and twenty-four in India.  In addition, the Fund helps with ministers in Maritania, Nepal, three in Nigeria, Philippines, Republic of Congo, South Korea, South Pacific Islands, South Sudan, Togo, and fourteen in Zambia.  They also have several people working in French Literature.

One of these works is in West Africa at the Togo Center for Biblical Studies.  The school has graduated forty-three preaching students.  Thirty of these were denominational preachers when they enrolled but were baptized into Christ during their time there.  Reaching such people with the full gospel is, indeed, one of the primary goals of the school.  Willie Gley is the director of the school.  The Bear Valley School of Preaching assists with this training program.

Works in Cuba are always of special interest and the Fund assists the Gulf Shores Church of Christ in Alabama in supporting preachers there.  In the area around Santa Spiritus, there are now sixteen congregations with twenty-six preachers.  Most of these receive no support from churches in the United States and life is difficult for them.  One of these ministers told his fellow ministers, “We are on the front line.  We are not safe from trials.  We suffer and get discouraged.  We must keep preaching the word!  Paul suffered but he never stopped.”  In 2016, these churches had ninety-six baptisms and many on-going Bible studies.  The Cuban government allows churches to meet but they are not allowed to have more than thirty in attendance.

So, it is easy to see that The White Rock Fund is very good news.  On Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., those interested in hearing from missionaries from all over the world are invited to come to the Wyndham Dallas Suites.  Call 214.926.2747 for more information.  Learn more about this work at