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The Sojourner Program Connects Older Christians With Good Work to Do

by: Stafford North | February 8, 2017

The Sojourner program provides older Christians who have an RV the opportunity to connect with smaller congregations or other Christian groups whose needs they can meet.  These services may involve anything from building upkeep to evangelistic efforts to teaching Bible classes.  Since much of the work Sojourners do is in the summer, this February Newsletter is a good time to share the good news about their work.  

Paul and Peggy Scott thought it would be good to use older Christians to help smaller congregations.  They attended Sunset School of Preaching to prepare themselves for such work and following that, they worked for short periods in Wyoming and Kansas and later worked for three years in South Carolina and then for three months in Staten Island, New York.  Eventually Marvin and Linda Hall from San Diego joined them in their plan and in 1978 these two couples held a workshop in Weslaco, Texas, to prepare older couples for work they could do.  In 1979 they adopted the name of National Evangelism with Sojourners and the work has grown to involve people all over the US.

Currently the Sojourner work is under the oversight of the Burleson Church of Christ in Burleson, Texas, but those people participating continue with their membership in their home congregation.

The stated goal of Sojourners is to travel to smaller congregations among the churches of Christ to help them grow spiritually and physically.  To do this they do such things as improvement projects for the building and grounds, help with local evangelistic efforts including door-knocking, hold singing schools, assist with Vacation Bible School, or teach Bible classes for men and women.  They also can help a church by providing marriage seminars, parenting seminars, lessons on personal evangelism, and other topics.   They also assist with Christian camps, children’s homes, and Christian schools.   Most sojourns last from two to three weeks and operate under a team leader who has been trained for his work.  Those wishing Sojourners to come to help them should complete a request form on the website at

The Sojourners are retired people who want to have a fulfilling life in service to the Lord.  Their work is purely voluntary so those participating must be self-supporting and have a place to live in their RV.  Those wishing to learn more about becoming a Sojourner may complete an application by calling the Sojourner Office at (903) 935-5742 or emailing

Two-week training programs are held several times each year in various locations to prepare Sojourners for their work.  These sessions help them to be well prepared for the work they are going to do.

This good work has been going on for almost forty years during which time so many people have helped with so many good works.  What a great opportunity for older Christians who would like to spend from two weeks to all year long working in great places to help the kingdom of Christ.