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Successful NLBI Seminars in Kenya

by: Stafford North | May 9, 2018

On December 7-12, 2017, a total of 266 young people from different churches in the Kabongoi area of Kenya, met for a time of learning and fellowship.  Sarah Amani, along with three other New Life Behavior instructors, conducted the event.  Fourteen of those attending were baptized during their time there.

Those present learned about youth empowerment, dealing with depression, preparation for a successful future, and staying faithful to Christ.

Church women helped with the cooking and also participated in songs and in advising youth on how to dress properly.  Skits and singing were part of the program as well as more formal presentations.

An elder of a neighboring church of Christ who heard about the successful seminar, asked the seminar leaders to teach woman at their church about a Christian approach to anger management and stress.  Even though such an event had not been planned in advance, the teachers were willing to adjust their schedules and stayed for an extra day.  One hundred seven women gathered for this impromptu event.  The church was so pleased with the event that they are planning a follow-up seminar for next year.


In another and different event, New Life Behavior instructors Joseph Kirui, Jackson Tonui, along with help from  Sarah Amini conducted a seminar in the Kilgoris GK Prison which holds hundreds of convicts either awaiting a death sentence or being held for life.  The sessions provided a ministry of hope by bringing them closer to God through devotions, lessons, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and group activities.  After completing the first five lessons, a course on sense of self, sixty-seven inmates accepted Jesus and were baptized into Christ.  Each one being baptized received a certificate and a Bible.


For more information or to make a contribution to New Life Behavior International, contact Gary Bingham, President, at  or call 214.697.0242.  Also may contact Jo Unbarger, Vice President, at or phone to 214.207.4522.