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South Carolina Church Supports Missionary for Work at Home and Abroad

by: Stafford North | April 11, 2018

Chad Garrett serves as a missionary in interesting ways.  He is the missionary in residence at the Gold Hill Rd. Church of Christ in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  In this role he spends three months each year in East Africa and two or three weeks in Haiti.  The rest of the time he spends locally with the congregation to do evangelistic Bible studies.  Over the past 6 years, this church of about 350, has locally baptized eighty-five and planted a new church in Clover, South Carolina (in 2012).  They plan to plant another church, next year (2019).  This second one will be in Indian Land, South

Garrett does his three months of mission work in countries in East Africa, primarily Kenya, seeking to help develop preachers, elders, and others to be leaders in the church.  He also seeks to plant new churches as well as strengthen existing churches.  As he moves from place to place, he does Bible studies with individuals or small groups as he works with one congregation at a time.  During his time he moves around to assist as many different congregations and individuals as possible.  He also conducts seminars for preachers to help them with sermon preparation and the work they need to do to build up their congregation.

Over a period of two years, for example, Garrett worked closely with twelve men.  One of these men brought a man from his own congregation for Garett to help.  After a year, this man planted a new congregation close to his home.  While it is small, it has great potential.  In another case, Garrett has found several people who are close to each other who have registered for World Bible School.  While their knowledge of the Bible is minimal, they want to know more.  Garrett trained one of these men for two years so that he, in turn, can go and teach others.  He places the emphasis on working with leaders and their congregations at the same time in order to raise the knowledge of everyone together.  Thus, they all, in turn, can be the ones who teach others.  Garrett’s plan is for the local people to teach and make preachers and disciple.  He comes to bring tools and resources and study helps.

Garrett has written three books about missions with some good ideas for both churches and individuals.  One of these is called Cultivate which is primarily to help preachers in doing their work and in preparing their sermons.  To the Ends of the World is a thirteen week Bible study especially for those supporting missionaries and implementing evangelism.  The Missionary’s Dilemma is a copy of chapter 10 of To the Ends of the World and is a help especially to those supporting missionaries. Books, devotionals, and information about Chad’s mission work are available at

That this South Carolina church supports a man to work in evangelism at home and abroad is good news.