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Solar Panels Help Haiti’s Children

by: Stafford North | February 11, 2019

1z02-19_GN2In the Fall Newsletter from Ken Bever who works with Hope for Haiti’s Children, he tells about solar panels being added to the Thomazeau Hope Center to provide much needed electrical power for the facility.  He says they “have dreamed for years of solar electric systems to reduce the need of our large diesel generator.”  “Future efforts,” he continues, “will transition additional buildings from the old generator system to the new solar system producing significant cost savings.  SolarWorld donated the solar panels, AEE Solar provided engineering design work, JD Solar Solutions provided panel racks, inverters, and peripheral equipment, and the US Air Force provided free jet shipping.  An incredible volunteer team of installers from Connecticut, Ohio, and Tennessee came in March to make this system a reality.

The system currently provides power for three deep-water pumps, two cistern pumps, the orphanage kitchen and dining hall, and the new orphanage dormitory. Solar energy is stored in 24 huge batteries, each weighing over 100 pounds. A small 15-kilowatt Kohler power generator is on standby to turn on automatically during times of peak usage to keep the batteries from fully discharging.

1z02-19_GN3Ken also tells about the children in their program learning how to do sack gardening.  Into a large container with fertile soil, they plant seeds and see plants grow that provide good food for them.

In 2018, Hope for Haiti’s Children provided a Christian education and medical care for over 1,800 sponsored children.  They also built a new dormitory at the Thomazeau orphanage, held summer camps, provided training programs for their children in English, computer skills, and sewing, fed 2,150 children in eight schools, and dug a new well for the Dubuisson community.

Hope for Haiti’s Children also announced its fifth-consecutive 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, “the nation’s largest and most utilized evaluator of charities.” From a pool of over 9,000 charities that were assessed, only 8% achieved this extraordinary distinction that demonstrates an organization’s strong financial health and ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency.  In addition, the organization was recognized as one of only 14 international charities with a “Perfect 100” score (see

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