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Short Items about Disaster Relief, a High School Mission Trip, and Hospital Visitation

by: Stafford North | April 11, 2018

Mike Baumgartner of Disaster Assistance CoC reports that in 2017 they served people suffering from disasters in Hattiesburg/Petal, Mississippi; Orleans Parish, Louisiana; Canton, Texas; Burlington, Wisconsin; South Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Santa Rosa, California; and Central Indiana.  In these places, hundreds of Bible studies have been setup as result of their handing out many-many semi loads of donated supplies.  In these places they served 148,540 meals and, in addition, gave out over a thousand small kitchen appliances along with tarps, heavy-duty trash bags, work gloves, sheetrock, and other materials.  Volunteers cleaned out houses and installed sheetrock.  To learn more or to contribute go to Good news that we have this work among us.

Since 2005, the Hillcrest Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas, has been working in a church planting mission among the Kaonde tribe of the Mumena Chieftaincy in Northwest Zambia.  During this time, sixteen new churches have been planted and now these local congregations are planting others. Among the ways Hillcrest supports this work is that each July they send several of their graduating senior high students to teach among the Kaonde.  These young people spend six months preparing to conduct a four-day Gospel meeting with a total of twenty-eight hours of classes.  They use World Bible School lessons as a foundation for their teaching.  Good news that a congregation sends graduating high school seniors on a mission trip for which they are well prepared.  To learn more about this work go to  Then click on Ministries and then on Mumena.

Lifeline Chaplaincy is a group that serves through hospital visits in many places in Texas.  In December they reported about how they had served in the Houston area.  In response to the flooding there they saw many in the hospital who had been injured.  They reported on one particular case about how Dr. Paul Riddle, their Director of Spiritual Care in Houston, had gone to a hospital room to visit a thirty-four year-old patient with stage four cancer.  This man had been told that he had only a few months to live.  Married and with two children, the patient revealed that his home had been completely flooded.  Adding to the distress was the fact that the doctors had told him that he could not go home because his immune system was too compromised.  He was stuck in the hospital, dying, and could not even go home to check on his family and the damage to his home.  Paul’s presence reaffirmed this brother’s faith and he was also able to assist with some financial aid as well.  Just one story of many in which Lifeline Chaplaincy has blessed many with their work.  To learn more or to donate, go to