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Seminar in Dominican Republic Reaches Many

by: August Report of Bob Young | September 6, 2017

Bob Young, who lives in Tulsa but who frequently travels to various Spanish speaking countries throughout the western hemisphere, tells of participating in an annual campaign in Neyba, Dominican Republic.  The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two thirds of the same island of which Haiti holds the western third.   Young shared preaching duties in the campaign with Jacobo Chalco, a brother from Peru.

For the services, the street is filled with chairs and benches, overhead lights are strung above the pulpit, the sound system pumps out a cappella music to attract the people, and there are numerous visitors from the community and from area churches.  Young reports that he spoke on Thursday and Saturday.   On the first night he preached there were ten responses for Bible studies.  The last night there were about fifty responses for prayer, greater commitment, renewed passion and involvement.  One of the elders said, “I believe this is the sparks that will help us move forward.

09-17GN4BSeveral Hatian preachers attended the sessions.  There is a network of Creole-speaking churches in that area, as many as 200 small churches.  Some were formerly denominational churches.  The preachers, who support themselves, are bi-lingual and traveled two to four hours over difficult roads to be present.  There is great receptivity there among the poor, and church members made more than 1500 contacts after Hurricane Mitch last September.

The Spanish-speaking church in Neyba helps with travel and preaching expenses for some of the Haitian preachers and Young has also raised some money to help them.  This effort is producing hundreds of baptisms with new churches starting and it also helps Christians who need discipling.

Young also reported that the Pantoja church in Santo Domingo, capitol city of the Dominican Republic, is doing well.  That church, which is about a year old, had thirty-four children for Bible class and thirty adults for church.  The church there, which is now meeting in rented facilities, had made a sweep of the neighborhoods around the church building to stir up interest.  Natalio de los Santos, the Dominican church planter, has a wonderful gift for reaching out, developing friendships, and finding people who want to study the Bible.  This report is good news about the church in the Dominican  Republic.

To contact Bob Young to learn more about this effort and other areas where he goes,  you may reach him at, call him at 918.470.0421 or go to his website at