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Report from Thailand Tells of Success and Progress

by: Stafford North | November 7, 2017

In the November, 2017, issue of Thai Tidbits, Kim Voraritskul tells of interesting things going on in Thailand where he has worked for many years since graduating from Oklahoma Christian University.

On October 9-13, 2017, about 400 came from the south, central and north areas of Thailand to share in a Bible camp.  They studied Bible passages and had Bible question and answer periods.  In addition to the Bible study, they enjoyed fun and fellowship with their brethren from around the country.  Such opportunities are very useful for brethren who live in different areas.

In another important development, Kim tells that in February of 2018 they will begin an English Bible School as part of their preacher preparation program and will start an English-speaking congregation in the Kum Hai Church on Sunday afternoons.  “There are more and more mixed marriages between Europeans and Americans with Thai women.  There are now over 30,000 foreigners in the northeast alone.  There is a new . . . ethnic group of people being born in Thailand so we believe we should be ready for this group of mixed Thais.  Besides, we have the manpower to do it.”  The students in the English Bible School will be able to assist with the worship in the English-speaking congregation.

Kim is sponsored by the church of Christ in Silver Spring, Maryland, and Earle West of that congregation has been his overseeing elder for many years.  He has traveled to Thailand and to places in the U. S. to assist with the work there.  Earle is turning over the leadership of this work to Jackie Gill, another elder at Silver Spring, but says he will continue to assist with the work in Thailand.

It is good news that such good work is being done in Thailand. To learn more of this work, contact the church at