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Report from Mzuzu Bible College in Malawi

by: Marc L. Veary | January 3, 2017

As I sit down to write this report from Malawi, the campus is quiet; bees are busy collecting pollen from the trees that are flowering; the cattle (a bull, a milking cow and her calf) wander around searching out something to eat amid the sea of dry parched grass. The gardens stand cleared and empty; there is an air of expectation – everything (and everyone) is waiting, waiting for the rains to come when they will clear the oppressive heat and the land will once again burst forth into life. All the students have returned home to prepare their fields for the coming growing season. The Bible school will restart at the beginning of February 2017 when we will not only be welcoming our returning 2nd Year students, but also thirty-one new 1st Year students on to the MSOP (Mzuzu School of Preaching) programme. This will bring our total student population to over 65 for 2017.

01-17_GN3BThirteen students completed their studies this year. We have been very pleased with this class. It has been really encouraging to see these men grow over the past two years, and during this time they have become competent Gospel preachers, and proved their faithfulness to the Lord and His work. Indeed, we have started to take some of these men to help us with our work.  What is also encouraging is that these graduates continue to be active with their local congregation once they complete their studies.  Since we train these men in a way to support themselves, they can help churches without being a financial burden.  They can study tailoring, engine repair, beekeeping, or carpentry.

It is difficult to fully explain the importance of the Bible College and its work.  Since its beginning almost a thousand men have been trained to preach.  The best way to show its value is to give you a personal example. Christine and I came to Malawi in August 2011, by the end of 2013 we, and a small team of Malawian brethren, had established 4 new congregations. Originally, two of these congregations were served by preachers who were trained at the College during the time of Dr. Judd – Farowa Kanjinga who is over the age of 50 and Wilson Mkandawire who is now over 70 years of age and has had to stop full time preaching due to ill health. They both studied at the College during the 1990’s. These men are hardworking, faithful and powerful preachers of the word of God. The Lord’s church needs more men such as these. Many of those who trained in the 80’s and 90’s have passed away and unless the College continues and strengthens its Bible teaching and preacher training programme, the Lord’s church in Malawi will be all the poorer. The legacy of the College is faithful men who fearlessly preach the gospel and help the church to remain in the truth.  We are very thankful for the help of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver which works with us in training these men.   We also appreciate the supervision of the Thomaston Road Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia.

This year the College focused on planting new congregations - five in total being started: Lupaso, Chankhombo, Chisangano, Chisengezi and Kalimira - together representing a total of 107 souls converted to Christ and about 19 restorations. Three of these new congregations are served by students who finished their studies with us this year. The other two new congregations are currently being helped by former students who studied at the College back in the late 1990’s. Indeed, one of our first year students is planning to work with the congregation at Kalimira. He will be mentored by the brother and former student who is helping the new church there at the moment. Including the campaign with the church at Katili, a total of 113 souls have been saved and 26 restored through the efforts of the College and its students this year.

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