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Painful Past Prepares Preaching Student in Zambia

by: Stafford North | March 8, 2017

Frank Muzabe is not your typical college student.  In his forties, he is the oldest student on the Mamwianga campus, and his enthusiasm for spreading the gospel also distinguishes him from the average.  But his past truly sets him apart.  Muzabe spent most of the last 20 years behind bars in northern Zambia’s maximum-security prison

As a young man, Muzabe trained as a driver and rose through the ranks to be in charge of the transportation department for a major company.  During a leave from work, he was hired to drive a Toyota Land Cruiser from Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  What Muzabe did not know was that the vehicle had been stolen at gunpoint on the streets of Lusaka.  He was detained by police and cooperated fully in their investigation, but eventually he and the actual robbers were convicted and given the death sentence.

In prison, Frank organized a church of Christ that grew to include over 150 members.  He completed every available World Bible School course.  He shared the gospel freely and led many prisoners to the Lord.  His good behavior and leadership drew the attention of government leaders, and his sentence was reduced several times.  Frank Muzabe became a free man in 2015.  His joy at new freedom was tempered, however, by learning that his father, mother, wife and other close relatives had all died while he was in prison.

Teachers and administrators from Namwianga had visited the prison and had learned of Muzabe’s work there.  They encouraged him to apply to George Benson Christian College, and he began his studies there in January.

Muzabe refuses to be bitter about this time behind bars:  “I now see how God sometimes allows us to live through painful experiences so that we can grow closer to Him.  Sometimes we learn lessons that would be impossible to learn in any other way, and, through these lessons, we are equipped to help others discover that they too can become children of God.  Accept whatever God sends you.”

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