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Pagadapali Brings Seminar on Encountering Hinduism

by: Stafford North | April 11, 2018

On Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25, the Waterview Church of Christ brought Indian evangelist Dr. Mani Pagadapali to lead a seminar on Encountering Hinduism.  The church felt that because there are three million Hindus in the United States with the number growing through immigration and converts, that members of the church should know more about this religion.  Particularly they are interested in helping the members of the church in that area be prepared to speak with the growing number of Hindus living in their neighborhoods.

The church thought that Dr. Pagadapali, a medical doctor who now works with a team in India which has a preacher training program, a medical clinic, a television program, and other elements of outreach, would be the best person to speak at the seminar.  This team baptizes more than two thousand each year, most of whom come from the Hindu religion.  The students in the preacher training program which he leads go weekly to villages where the major religion is Hinduism and so he knows that religion well.  In particular he knows the religion well is because the students of the preacher school are sometimes persecuted by Hindus.  Two have been killed and others wounded yet they persist in outreach.

In the well-attended seminar, Pagadapali reviewed the tenets of the Hindu religion and spoke of their basic authorities and their ways of salvation.  Then he dealt with ways to reach out to Hindus through telling about Jesus, the value of monotheism, and the benefits of Christianity.  On Saturday, the seminar lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. including breakfast and lunch.  Then Pagadipali spoke on Sunday morning at the Bible class hour and the morning service.

In the fall, similar workshops are being scheduled for Atlanta, Chicago, and San Diego.  It is good news that churches are acquainting their members with the Hindu religion so their members will know how to reach out to them.  And it is good news that we have someone so well qualified to lead in the discussion of this topic.  For more information contact Dr. Pagadapali at