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Oklahoma Church Teaching Giving at VBS

by: Stafford North | August 26, 2011

The 240-member Garriott Road Church of Christ in Enid, Oklahoma, has put an interesting twist in their Vacation Bible School. In addition to having their usual teaching elements, they “wanted to add a different dynamic by involving [their] students in some type of activity to help others.”

In 2010, they challenged their children to raise $100 for the Give a Goat program ( This amount would buy one goat for a poor family in the Philippines. The program is managed by church members there who give the goat to a member of the church so that family can become self-supporting and in the long run be able to help the church financially. Starting with one goat, the family can produce more goats and sell the milk and eventually sell goats.

The students at VBS more than met the challenge. They raised $600 and, thus, could provide goats for six needy families. Imagine the excitement among the children from having done so well and think of the lessons they learned through the joy of giving!

In 2011, the church decided to challenge the VBS children to raise $600 for Wishing Well ( This program, also conducted by members of the church, drills wells, particularly in Africa. The wells save people from walking miles to a water source and carrying the water back on their heads or backs. It also gives them much healthier water. Since the church is providing the well, this becomes an excellent way of showing how the church wants to help people and opens many doors.

Again, the children responded and gave $3,042. As Michael Parks of the congregation there put it—“Pretty amazing for a total of 96 kids, 2 years old through 5th grade! God is good!”

Other churches might like to try something like this with their VBS next year. If they want to use the projects Garriott Road used, they may contact them through the addresses given above. Or, the church may have some other project they would like to use—maybe connected with their own missionary locations. The funds raised in this way not only help a good cause, but the plan teaches children about the responsibility and joy of giving.