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Oklahoma Church Making Media Services Available

by: Stafford North | August 6, 2010

Media Ministries

Mike Mazzalongo, a Canadian who has spent many years building the church in Montreal, Canada, and who now is working with the Choctaw Church of Christ in Oklahoma, has written the following article to describe the work he and the church there are doing in media. Mazzalongo has many years of experience in media work both in the U.S. and Canada. The story below not only describes a church working in media, but also tells how others can tap into their resources for their own use.

For the first time in history, it is technically possible to preach the gospel to the entire world in one day—every day! When the apostles embarked on the great commission, their task was to tell others who would tell others about Christ. It took the better part of a century to spread the Good News throughout the Roman Empire using this and other primitive methods of communication. The accomplishments of the early church, of course, were amazing, especially when you consider the obstacles of limited resources and the unfriendly social environment in which they worked.

Today we have communication technology that enables us to convey a message to entire countries in a single day and at a relatively low cost. This is the idea behind the Media Missions Ministry at the Choctaw Church of Christ, a 400-member congregation in Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Choctaw Church of Christ Website

Choctaw is among a growing number of churches that not only have interactive websites, but also operate fully equipped television studios to produce video Bible materials for distribution.

One of the best examples of the media available is a teaching website called which provides free Bible media of all kinds. The site contains 500 audio sermons; 172 videos; blog entries; and hundreds of sermon texts, all available 24 hrs/day and free for download. BibleTalk is listed as Google’s #1 website for free Bible media out of over ten million listings.

In addition to this, the Choctaw church also provides free studio production services to other teachers and preachers under the Master Builder series. Experts in various Biblical fields of study are encouraged to produce professional quality material that they then can reproduce for their ministries and which are archived on the BibleTalk site in the Master Builder’s section. (Check out, for example, Literal Genesis.)

Aside from producing teaching and evangelism materials for broadcast on the internet, Media Missions also provides unique services for the local congregation in Choctaw. One of these is the Legacy Ministry where families are encouraged to use the studio facility to produce a record of their family history. Grandparents and great-grandparents provide oral histories of their past so that families in the future can both hear and see their own Christian family histories spoken by relatives.

Another project being prepared is a DVD Tract Rack. This is simply an updated version of a very effective ministry that has often been abandoned in recent years – the distribution of short essays on various religious topics printed on inexpensive paper tracts. In its modern version, the “rack” will be filled with DVDs each containing lessons on relevant topics of interest to members and non-members alike.

The church is in the business of communications. Our main task is to communicate the gospel to the entire world in our generation. Thankfully we now have tools that make it possible to preach the gospel 24 hrs/day, every day, to everyone in the world—until Jesus comes. At Choctaw this is the vision that guides our Media Missions Ministry.

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