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Oklahoma Christian Provides Newsletter for Young Men Who Want to Preach

by: Stafford North | August 6, 2010

Man of God

As a part of its service to churches of Christ, Oklahoma Christian University is now publishing a bi-monthly newsletter for young men who are considering the preaching ministry as their life’s work. The first two issues of the newsletter, called Man of God, were published earlier this year and a third one will come out in August. Dr. Stafford North of the OC Bible faculty edits the publication. To see the previous issues, go to

The newsletter is part of a larger effort on the part of the University to encourage more young men to decide to become preachers. OC has also published a four-page brochure, for example, called “Make a Difference: Encourage Young Men to Become Preachers.” This brochure lists fifteen ways a local congregation can encourage its own young men to decide to preach. Some congregations turn out many who preach while others do not produce any. The suggestions in this publication can give churches ideas on how to help more of their young men to enter the ministry. To receive these brochures free of charge to help your congregation do more to encourage your young men to preach, email

Other elements of the University’s effort to encourage young men to preach are increased scholarships for those who wish to enter the ministry, and seeking to establish a chair of preaching to have an experienced minister who will give his full attention to teaching and counseling OC students who want to preach.

If you know of a young man who has any interest in preparing to preach, get his name on the list to receive Man of God by sending his name and email address to