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Oklahoma Church Has Reachout Center

by: Stafford North | June 19, 2014

The 500-member South Yukon Church of Christ in Yukon, Oklahoma, has a Reachout Center located a short drive from their church building. This location allows the center to be more accessible to people with physical as well as spiritual needs. Their goal is to go out to the community and meet people where they are.

In early 2012, three families began discussing plans to go out into the community and build relationships. They first met in a facility that was part of a trailer park but later were able to lease a building that had served as the Yukon Event Center. They renamed it The Reachout Center. It has a meeting room that will hold up to sixty plus kitchen facilities.

People can come to the Center for Bible studies, community education classes, and to worship freely and study God’s word without fear of judgment. Also the Center serves a meal along with a Bible lesson once a week either on Monday nights or Sunday afternoons. On Wednesday nights they conduct a men’s Bible study and one night a week they hold tutoring sessions. Also currently they are conducting a parenting class once a week. There will also be a weekly English as a Second Language class starting soon. Those needing food and clothing can receive that assistance through a program at the church building.

Each week, the Reachout Center usually has ten or so families involved in one or more of their activities. One of the families had formerly been members of the church of Christ and they were able to re-establish that contact so they now attend church regularly. They have several single moms with whom they are working and have had a few baptisms.

Chris Leck, who oversees the program, wrote, “For once in my life, I feel like I am literally fighting against Satan for people’s souls. He has people fooled and they have no hope. I pray that more Christians will recognize how much they have to offer and I’d love for them to get out and fight too.”

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