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Oklahoma Christian Has Children’s Ministry Certificate Program

by: Stafford North | April 11, 2018

Oklahoma Christian University has among its Bible degree options a bachelor’s degree in Children’s Ministry.  This four-year program prepares people to work at the pre-school and elementary grades in churches which want to have a strong teaching program for their children.

For those who want to teach and lead in teaching children but who are not in position to get a college degree in children’s ministry, the University, under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Price, has developed a certification program.  This program allows a student to do all the course work for the certificate online for a total price of $1,500.   In addition to the online courses, there is a two-day optional capstone seminar held on the campus.

The courses in the certificate program deal with such topics as connecting with kids, different aspects of children’s ministry, teaching pre-school children, teaching elementary children, the spiritual development of children, legal issues in dealing with children, curriculum for children, using volunteers, dealing with cultural issues among children, helping disabled children, and connecting children, families, and the church.

The annual seminar for children’s ministry will be held on May 10 and 11.  While this seminar is especially for those in the certificate program, anyone who wants to learn more about children’s ministry is welcome.  The seminar costs only $45 and is a great time for training, coaching, resources, and rejuvenation.  Speakers will include Karl Bastian, Dr. Ron Brunner, Dr. Kerianne Roper, Trevon Buchanan, Tracy Rader, Dr. Danielle Shrock, Sheldon Adkins, and Dr. Barbara Price.  For more information and registration, go to  or contact Dr. Price at