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Ohio Valley University Is Site for New Water Purification System

by: Stafford North | May 16, 2017

About sixty-five people attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at Katharos, LLC, on Tuesday, April 18.  Katharos has partnered with Ohio Valley University to demonstrate a new technology which cleans water quickly and without chemicals.  The system uses electricity to purify the water.  Students at OVU majoring in chemistry and biology test the water purified on campus by three different units:  a small humanitarian unit for people who do not have access to any clean water, another unit to clean water for home emergency use, and a large trailer that can clean up to one hundred gallons of water per minute in a civil water emergency.

Dennis Johnson, who created the process, has indicated that he will donate ten percent of the sales to OVU.  He believes that the units can be used to treat and clean river water, pond water, and other sources in underdeveloped parts of the world.

At the dedication, Shank said, “We believe that God built this, that He created human genius.”  He added that the work done on this project allows people to join with God to fix the broken world by cleaning water to better serve humanity.

David McKinley (R-WV), member of the US House of Representatives, was present for the occasion and praised the University for its part in this project.  He has met with the U. S. State Department and other agencies to discuss this technology and its possible uses in other countries.