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Nigerian Christian Colleges Serving Well

by: Stafford North | June 11, 2018

Nigeria is the most populous African country with over 186 million people who need to hear the gospel.  As occasionally reported in Good News, there are a variety of efforts to reach the lost in Nigeria, but one of the most significant is the effort to train Nigerian preachers at two Christian colleges.  One is called Nigerian Christian Bible College, begun in 1952, and located in the southeastern part of the country.  The other one, begun in 1999, is in southwestern Nigeria and is called West Christian Bible College (pictured).

The presidents of both schools have written about the value of these colleges.  Biodun Owolabi, president of WNCC, wrote that they are training people (1) to do evangelism,   (2) to be “apologists” who can defend the word and bring people to be obedient to Christ, and (3) to train their students to edify the saints.  Goodnews Peter, president of WBCC said “the presence of effective ministry and preaching schools in Nigeria is sure to guarantee to future of the church as well as develop effective leadership.

Chad Wagner, president of African Christian Schools Foundation, wrote in the Winter ACSF Bulletin, “God has been good to the work in Nigeria in 2017.  We have been able to increase student enrollment at both colleges, to restart an active student evangelism program, to continue to rebuild NCBC, purchase new foam mattresses for all students in both schools, start to build new married student housing at WNCC and even purchase a gently-used 40kVa generator for NCBC. The generator was needed because at NCBC they do not have access to the national power grid.”

WNCC has been serving the church for almost twenty years now.  Currently the school has seventy-nine students studying Bible, ministry, computers, vocational skills, and more.  There are full-time and part-time students at three locations in southwestern Nigeria.  Teaching these students job skills allows them to be self-supporting while they are preaching for a congregation.

Last December, students from WNCC conducted a successful Campaign for Christ just a mile away from the school.  Students, staff, and church members converged on the scene to share a message centered on God’s Plan of Salvation.  This exercise provided the important opportunity to have a working relationship with a neighboring congregation.  About ninety participants were in attendance.

WNCC has a variety of ways to help itself financially. They sell both fresh and smoked catfish and they have a poultry farm.  In addition, of course, they depend on supporting churches and individuals who will help their work.

NCBC has also seen growth thus bringing more students to study to become preachers.  They now have nearly a hundred male students and twelve female students.  One of the needs which the increase in numbers has brought is the need for a medical clinic.  The school previously had such a service, but over the years it has declined and now is no longer operating.  They are seeking to restore the services of the clinic because as student numbers grow, the need for medical service increases and such opportunities locally are limited.  They are in a fund drive to raise $10,000 to renovate the existing building used for the clinic and to provide necessary equipment and medicine.  They expect the clinic both to serve the students and the local community in a way that would open good evangelistic opportunities.


On May 15-18, the NCBC held a seminar for preachers and church leaders and had about 200 in attendance.  Messages of instruction and encouragement were very beneficial to the group.

For more information or to assist in this good work, call Chad Wagner at 614.542.6282 or go to

(Note—My wife and I remember fondly going twice to NCBC to teach one-week programs for about 200 preachers and their wives in 1996 and again in 1999.  We thought they were doing a great work and are glad to see a good report on their work.—SN.)