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Nigeria’s Darrell Memorial Bible Institute Seeks Improvements

by: Stafford North | March 5, 2018

Prince Canice Ugbe was converted to Christ by the World Bible School program in 1987 through the work of Darrell Foltz of Hoxie, Kansas.  Since Ugbe desired to work to bring others to Christ, Foltz helped send him to a preacher training program in Nigeria.

03.18GN3B1Foltz made several visits to Nigeria but on a visit in 1994, he was killed by armed bandits at a gas station.  Five church members were mistakenly arrested in connection with the shooting but were released after twelve days when the briefcase Foltz had carried was found with bandits in another part of Nigeria.  Ugbe wrote “The spark of continuing the good works left behind by Darrell cannot be overemphasized hence God placed on me the necessity to teach and preach among my people.”

Because of Darrell Foltz’s important work in Nigeria over the years, Ugbe and other brethren wished to establish a preaching training school in his honor and they named it the Darrell Memorial Bible Institute located in the Cross River State of Nigeria.  Currently the school has about forty students who are preachers and Christian leaders.  In 2015 DMBI graduated its first four year students with eighteen completing the Bible based curriculum of the Sunset International Bible Institute.

03.18GN3C1The school has been very active in supporting many different types of outreach.  They have, for example, given away a thousand solar players, donated by Sunset International Bible Institute, in the hands of Christian leaders.  These players operate off of solar energy and contain the audio text of the Bible along with many other beneficial materials such as 400 hours of biblical instruction.  These players are especially helpful for people who have no electricity, who cannot read, or who do not have access to printed material.

In addition DMBI has also worked with New Life Behavior to conduct a conference in 2014 where NLB materials could be taught to prepare those attending to use them in other places.  Dr. H.M. Motsinger, who was then president of New Life Behavior, came to teach in the program and is pictured here with Ugbe and his wife.

The school is currently seeking to get national approval from the Government Educational Ministry which would certify them as Bible Training Institute. This approval would allow their graduates to teach in public schools so they can have a means of income while they preach.  An accreditation visit is scheduled for May 28, 2018, and the school is seeking to make improvements before that time.

The Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, Oregon, has built an auditorium and a preacher’s home and that church is also supporting this work with the promise of $10,000 a year until 2021.  They are looking for others to provide about $60,000 to help the school complete a classroom building which has been started and to provide other needed items for the school.

Those interested in more information or wishing to contribute should contact DMBI/Nigeria Project, Mission Committee Southwest Church of Christ, 9725 SW Durham Road, Tigard, OR 97724 or call (503) 602-0221.