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New Life Behavior Seminar Results in 200 Baptisms

by: Stafford North | July 12, 2017

In southern Kenya, Sara Amani and Jackson Tonui, of the Kamaget Church of Christ, recently conducted a New Life Behavior Seminar at the Chebunyo Girls High School.  The basic purpose of the sessions at the Catholic school was to improve the behavior of the students by helping them know how better to handle youth violence, school failure, and anger, as well as to help them raise their self-worth.

Over a period of two days, Amani and Tonui conducted the sessions by using interactive learning, videos, problem solving, application to real world situations, and many activities such as small singing groups.  NLBI provides the tools needed to create safe and positive learning environments for all, while providing the informed and positive behavior support that many students need to flourish.

In dealing with many of these issues, the teachers used scripture as a foundation for their teaching and at the end of the sessions had a time for questions, which the students enjoyed the most.  Most of the questions were about religious matters and, in particular, students asked about why some thought it was necessary to be baptized in a river or a baptistery when others thought placing a wet finger on the forehead was sufficient.

The last part of the seminar was to give each student a prayer partner with whom they could also share a Bible study.    Many also wrote down prayer requests about problems they face in life.  Certificates were awarded to the oldest groups that would graduate this year.

About 200 out of the 400 girls believed and asked to be baptized in the nearby river as soon as the school schedules it with Tonui, a deacon in the local church of Christ.  What a remarkable outcome from the seminar!  And certainly good news.  For more information about New Life Behavior, go to

At publication time, the school has not yet given permission for the students who desire baptism to be able to fulfill their wish.  We hope it will come soon.