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Network Reverses Decision Against Churches of Christ

by: George Merritt | October 8, 2018

A number of syndicated radio programs produced by churches of Christ were suddenly cancelled last year by Wilkins Radio Network’s corporate offices in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Bob Wilkins, founder and CEO, is said to have made the decision and was quoted as saying “The churches of Christ teach Jesus plus baptism.”

The good news is that the network has now reversed its decision.  After further discussions in the home office, the programs that had been cancelled are now back on the air.  Since the Wilkins Radio Network is among the religious networks with the largest coverage, the move is an important one.  With stations located in major markets, the Wilkins stations reach 20.3 million people.  They have stations in such places as Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and Indianapolis, to name but a few.  All total, the network has stations across the United States from California to Pennsylvania.

The Ariton (Alabama) Church of Christ, which produces the weekly, half-hour program “Power & the Glory” with George Merritt as the speaker is now back on ten Wilkins stations, plus 15 other broadcast facilities, bringing its station roster to 25. Many of these stations also provide several bonus airings per week at no cost.   Pictured is Merritt with his daughter, Laura Helms, who handles correspondence.

The long-running International Gospel Hour is also back on the Wilkins network as well as a daily program with Gary Hutchins and the Sunny Slope congregation in Omaha.  There are, no doubt, other churches of Christ with programs on the Wilkins airwaves.

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