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LCGI Supplies Materials World-Wide

by: Stafford North | April 17, 2014

Leadership & Church Growth International, headquartered in Florence, Alabama, is a non-profit ministry supported by churches of Christ and individuals to provide materials for outreach and spiritual growth all around the world. Since it began in 1983, LCGI has reached across the U. S. and into numerous other countries. Many thousands of church leaders and other Christians have received information and training that has helped them to grow spiritually and to use their abilities more effectively to build up the church. Information can be downloaded from their website free of charge while audio and video materials as well as printed materials are available at a low cost. Jerry Humphries is founder and executive director of the organization.

Among the materials available is a sixteen-page pamphlet by Humphries called “Why the Bible Was Written.” With scriptures, questions, and visuals, this pamphlet leads a person through the process of how the Bible describes our sin problem, provides the solution, and tells of how all those saved enter the Lord’s church. Other shorter pamphlets lead a student through studies on “Jesus’ Church,” and “Encouraging One Another.”

LCGI also provides seminars on a variety of topics ranging from reaching non-Christians and helping new members to restoring unfaithful Christians and personal spiritual growth. Humphries conducts most of these special occasions and his wife Margaret presents lessons for women.

The list of materials available includes items on such topics as Christ’s church, church health and growth, reaching dropouts, and evangelism.

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