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Hope for Haiti’s Children Blessing Many

by: Stafford North | September 6, 2017

On August 12, I attended a breakfast held on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University to promote Hope for Haiti’s Children, led by Ken Bever, a 1983 graduate of OC.  The work this group is doing is certainly outstanding.  In partnership with local churches of Christ and operated locally by Haitian leaders, Hope for Haiti’s Children constructed and operates two orphanages which care for eighty-four children.  In addition, the ministry has partnered with local churches to construct ten elementary and two secondary schools, where more than 1,600 sponsored children receive a Christian education.


Through the work of Hope for Haiti’s Children 2,500 children received food staples after Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and 870  at-risk children continue to receive a nutritious school lunch three times each week during the school year.  Each January, Hope for Haiti’s Children conducts a child care clinic for all sponsored children using primarily medical personnel from the United States.  Last year, the ministry delivered 2,308 Christmas joy boxes packed by twenty-seven different church groups.  Through the 2016 year, 234 mission team members taught and served in their program


In addition to teaching Bible in their schools and training children in the Bible in their orphanages, Hope for Haiti’s Children also conducts a Christian camp and 169 attended in 2016.  At the camp, thirty were baptized.  As shown in the picture, they also provide Bibles even to remote places in Haiti.  To emphasize Bible learning, they give certificates to those who memorize Bible verses and 140 received these certificates in 2016.

Bever wrote the following statement in their 2016 annual report.  “This past year our outreach ministry to children in Haiti was blessed with a significant growth in partners.  This enabled us to expand our sponsorship ministry as well as complete major capital projects at our Thomazeau orphanage and at several of our Christian schools.  Our Rebuilding Hope 2020 initiative reached our goal of $3 million raised since 2011 on our way to our target of $5 million.  In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew during the last quarter of 2016, we focused on responding to the immediate needs for food and shelter of those directly impacted by the massive storm.  The rebuilding of schools and homes from these reserved funds is continuing into the first half of 2017.  As this report details, we are reaching out broader and deeper in caring, educating, and training our promising children who are trapped in deepest poverty.  Many thanks to all our supporters, dedicated staff, and volunteers who have helped us bring hope to so many!”

We have all heard about the great needs in Haiti.  Not only is there much poverty but hurricanes have brought great devastation to many areas.  What good news that we have Hope for Haiti’s Children along with other efforts from the church to help in Haiti.

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