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Great Progress in Nigeria

by: Stafford North | February 6, 2018

A recent newsletter from Obong Ntak in Nigeria shares much good news.  On Friday, December 29, the preachers who work in new churches in the area came together to give progress reports on their work.  Most of these men are supported by the Tusculum Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, and one by the Red Hill Church of Christ in Byrdstown, Tennessee.

On Sunday, December 10, two new congregations were established.  Mojima Etokudo and his World Bible School team conducted a gospel campaign in Ikot Osute, where they spent Friday and Saturday going door to door, then preached in the village square.  There they also distributed tracts and invited people to come on Sunday.  Before church on Sunday morning, they visited the sick and elderly in the village and prayed with them. About fifty attended the service, some just to check it out and others to hear about Jesus and His church.  Seven were baptized during this weekend activity and others said they would continue to attend.  At a second location, Nkot Ikot Ebo, another effort was put forth under the leadership of Moses Akpanudo.  House to house work is now taking place and several have come together to form the base of a new congregation.

02.18GN2BOther great news comes from the 31st Annual Obong Youth Forum, which brought together 2,650.  Hosted by the Campus Church of Christ at Obong Christian High School on December 27-30, the forum focused on various aspects of the life of a young person.  Twenty-one were baptized during this forum.  The picture below shows most of those in attendance but still others were outside under a tent.

Obong Christian High School began with only 5 students in the 7th grade. It has grown to about 1000 students in grades 7 - 12. When the students enter Obong Christian High School in the 7th grade, twelve percent are Christians.  When they graduate from the 12the grade, over sixty percent are members of the Lord’s church.

Located in the rural bush village of Obong Ntak, this school has a great impact for the Lord all over Nigeria as these graduates go to college or work in various cities. Efforts are underway expand to a full four-year University. Permission has been granted by Akwa Ibom State to begin the African College of Management, the first step toward meeting government requirements for a private Christian University. Plans are to add a School of Agriculture in the near future. A Christian university will be of great benefit to the Lord's church in Nigeria for many generations. It will give Christians the education they need to hold jobs in government and business, where they can have a great influence for the cause of Christ.  There is also a nursery/elementary school which has 300 students.

In October, a gospel meeting for women was held at Obong University, sponsored by Rivergate Church of Christ in Madison, Tennessee.  A total of 1043 from 122 different congregations attended to study the topic of “The Role of Christian Women in Family Building.”

For more information on this work in Nigeria, contact the Mt. Morris Church of Christ in Mt. Morris, Montana, by emailing them at or going to  

So, lots of good news from Nigeria.