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Great Cities Missions Has Successful Year

by: Stafford North | February 6, 2018

Great Cities Missions serves missionary teams sent to designated cities of Portuguese- and Spanish-speakers in the Latin World. Great Cities Missions has been sharing the gospel in the Latin world since 1976. The ministry has recruited and trained over forty-two missionary teams and sent them to thirty major metropolitan cities in eleven different countries of the Latin world. Over 300 adults and their children have moved to new countries to tell people about Jesus and plant churches. Using the Great Cities Missions model of recruiting and training, over 225 congregations have been established and thousands of people now worship Jesus as Savior.

Great Cities Missions is committed to care for and minister to missionary teams working far away from their home country. Partnering with 148 sponsoring churches, they minister to missionary team members throughout the entire missionary life cycle from their recruiting to their re-entry in their home culture. 

Toward the end of 2017, Great Cities was especially thankful to receive a matching grant of $300,000 to enable them to finish the year well.  They appealed to their supporters to match the $300,000 and the response brought in $370,000.  And to top it off, the matching donor agreed to match the extra $70,000.  So. a total of $740,000 with which to finish out 2017 and start 2018.

One of the special events which Great Cities has held each year for the past ten years is a missionary renewal program called Connections.  For women in 2017, the event was held in October in Antigua, Guatemala, with fifty women from thirteen different countries attending.  A care team of eighteen women came to serve them.  The Great Cities newsletter says, “The most important connection is to God with time allocated each day to sit in His presence surrounded by His incredible creation at a beautiful venue.”

In connection groups each day the women got to know other women who serve in ministry and they got to know their team leader.  Thus, the women formed a valuable bond with each other.  Four professional counselors were available for appointments during free time.  The Connections theme for the year was “Falling in Love with Jesus” with Michelle Goff as the speaker and each woman present shared her own experience with falling in love with Jesus.

So the women spent the week together to receive care, daily gifts, acts of service, quiet time, laughter, great food, meaningful worship, fun, fellowship, rest, and classes.  Thus, the time together provided a great opportunity for renewal allowing the women to return to their work revived and refreshed.

A similar program for men, held in October in Atibaia, Brazil, served forty-nine men from eight countries.  A team of sixteen served and counseled English-speaking missionaries in Latin America.  Dr Gary Green from Barnabas International was the Director for Spiritual Formation and taught each day on the theme “The Heart of a Prophet.”  Dr, Ryan Fraser from Freed Hardeman University let a counseling team to serve the men.  At a closing session, the men told how Connection has blessed them and their families and their ministries.

To reach Great Cities headquarters in Addison, Texas, call 214-466-6200 or go to or to