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God Continues to Bless EEM

by: Robert A. Burckle, President – EEM | February 8, 2017

Eastern European Mission (EEM) was incredibly blessed by God in 2016. Nearly three-quarter of a million pieces of Bibles and biblical literature were distributed to individuals, churches, public schools, hospitals, youth camps, and orphanages in Eastern Europe free of charge to them. This number is 78% higher than in 2015!  But more important than numbers are the lives that are touched by God’s Word.

One of the main revenue sources EEM has established to support its work is a program called Million Dollar Sunday. Its purpose this year was to put Bibles into schools in Ukraine, Romania, and Croatia and to provide Bibles for refugees from the Middle East who have fled into Eastern Europe. The good news is that EEM exceeded its $2.3 million goal by raising $2,404,771. Words cannot express our thanks to our donors.  This truly is a nation-changing endeavor made possible by the generosity of churches and individuals.

As sociopolitical situations and the dynamics in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe have changed, so have EEM’s opportunities for reaching people. EEM continues to develop new materials and programs to share God’s Word with the people of Eastern Europe. For example, at the end of 2016, over half the public schools in Ukraine had been given Bibles. They have been integrated into their curriculum and in many schools are being studied by children in all different age groups.  Too bad we can’t do that in the US public schools. EEM partners are also helping to teach Bible-based character to future teachers in pedagogical Colleges and Universities in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.

Yet beyond the ongoing impact in Eastern European countries in the former Communist Bloc, 2016 began with scores of refugees from Middle Eastern countries escaping death and meeting Christians at the seashore who offered to clothe, feed, and shelter them in their desperate time of need. These mostly Muslim people began to wonder and seek to know the God of love as demonstrated by His people. Rather than our having to go into their country, they came to us through the “refugee highway” into Europe. EEM supplied more than 100,000 Bibles and New Testaments in the Farsi and Arabic languages. As a result, baptisms are occurring and new churches are being established.

02-17_GN1BToday, EEM, which is under the spiritual oversight of the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas, provides Bibles and biblical literature in twenty-six different countries. This was an impossible dream fifty-six years ago when seven young couples embarked on a venture to fulfill a vision formed at Abilene Christian College. Propelled by commitment to God and one another and the support of faithful families and churches of Christ, they succeeded in planting the seeds of a very successful ministry.

EEM’s slogan is “The Bible. We Want Everyone To Get It.” These words are much more than a tagline or phrase to be associated with Eastern European Mission. They describe the heart of EEM as it was established in the very beginning and continue as its foundation and guiding force today.  For more information go to